Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When they're sweet...

For Chinese New Year the kindergarteners drew dragon masks on paper with holes for the eyes and a stick to hold it in front of their faces. Thing 2 was very proud of herself that hers was the only one with a Uvula.

Thing 1 gave a talk in Primary opening exercises on Sunday. We forgot to prepare as we should have and I just sort of told her about it that morning as we were going out the door, and we discussed a few ideas she could talk about. The topic is families, something on that order. Thing 1 just spoke from the heart, as she does SO WELL, and talked mostly about her Daddy and how she misses him so badly when he travels. We took one of the pictures of our family and she pointed out which one he was (just in case anyone couldn’t tell). She did a really nice job… I was conducting and after she spoke I turned the time over to the music team. I then walked to the back to sit down with the rest of the presidency only to see them all in tears. They were mopping up from Thing 1’s talk, which they all marveled at how wonderful and sincere it was… it just bowled them over with how good it was, and all from the hip… She is a lovely little sincere and completely from the heart person.

Thing 1 draws many pictures in school. They often do these on extra large sheets of paper so if I’m going to keep them I have to crop them down. She brought home a new one the other day, a fox in a den with some pups. The fox’s belly is pink, and the pups are obviously suckling. When I told her that I liked her picture of the fox there with its babies, she corrected me and told me that one of the babies is a fox but the other is an armadillo.

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