Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lather, rinse, repeat

Kids are cute and doing well for the past couple of days, nothing really to complain of much. Hubby is in town, though out tonight with "they boys" which in his case is "the user group geeks" he gets together with sporadically when he's in town.

My life is like reading the back of the shampoo bottle. Make food, clean kitchen, do laundry, clean house, etc. Repeat ad nauseam as necessary.

Some days are worse than others. It's another one of those things I try pretty hard not to think about too much.

An event such as a holiday or vacation I look forward to and savor for many months leading up to it. Before, after, and sometimes even a little during the said holiday or vacation I am often frustrated with how much extra work it costs me to have this fun.

We leave for our annual trip to the beach in three days. I've been doing this for years, adding on new elements occasionally such as kids and husband to what has been a pilgramage to the condo my parents rent on the beach for three months during the cold winter. This year we're going for eight days as it coincided with a very light week of school for the girls.
I haven't started packing.

It will be a break from the routine, (do I dare entertain the thought that this vacation is itself a routine?!?) but it poses its own challenges and difficulties. Hubby will not be there the whole time, but will be flying out to work for two days in the middle of the week. But the girls and I will have a couple extra days to go shopping, and play in the waves and the sand. It should be lovely. Really, truly, lovely. It always has been in the past.

And I won't dwell on the effort required to get all of us there and back.

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