Thursday, October 9, 2008

Limited writing ability

I am reviewing Thing 1's homework. There were several sentences with the words out of order, she had to figure out the correct order and write them out.

It reads;
“The cat sat down.
He had a nap.
A rat ran in.”

Then there were a couple of blank lines with the instruction to tell what happens next.

Thing 1 wrote:
“Dad Bams it.
I am sad of the rat.”
Her teacher fixed the “of” to a “for” and wrote a smiley and a YES! under her addition.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quality wall

At Thing 1’s school if you do your work really well, it gets put up on a special board labeled “Quality Work,” which Thing 1 calls “Ko – All – Itty” Like she starts it Koala and then adds an itty at the end.

Last night as I tucked Thing 2 in, she told me she needed to get some “shut-eye.” That's not something I say.. she's obviously getting a lot of vocabulary from the TV.