Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday at the beach

This was Wednesday. We spent the day at the condo again, and Hubby tried to fix my dad’s computer. He spent all day trying to get a Trojan Horse off of it, and basically ended up giving up. I took the girls to the beach this time, so Hubby could get some work done.

On the way over to the beach, Thing 1 found a pill bug. Thing 1 got mad at Thing 2 because Thing 2 took the pill bug and wouldn't give it back. Since we only found one, Thing 2 had decided that she didn’t want to fight with Thing 1 about it, so she figured she would do the right thing and make it so NO ONE could have the pill bug. My parenting techniques are showing through her. So Thing 2 dropped it in the ocean, just to make everything fair. Thing 1 was so upset by this she turned on her heel and stalked down the beach 100 yards or so, to sulk. Thing 2 joined her after a while. I spent a while building a sand castle by myself, trying to watch them from afar. I finally stalked over to them and told them I was there to play with them and watch them since I am the mommy, but if they’re okay all the way down here by themselves, I was going for a walk for shells. Thing 2 came with me, Thing 1 came back to our “spot” and played in the sand by herself, improving the sand castle, until we came back.

They had great fun giving me giant webbed sand feet.

They had their wetsuits on the whole day and it was a little cold, and we ended up going to the swimming pool and letting them swim.

After I got the girls back, bathed, and hair combed out, Hubby and I hustled off to a movie, and then he left before dinner for LAX to fly to New York to work for a couple of days.

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