Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to me - cough cough

Had a wonderful birthday. The usual hassles of scheduling a date with Hubby, with Mom and Dad as babysitters, should have been easier because Hubby was in town. However, a storm on Saturday (yesterday) and tickets my mom had to the Tabernacle Christmas concert, and a nasty sore throat that Hubby and I both got earlier in the week complicated things to the point that my celebration with Mom and Dad as well as them babysitting for us, got put off for a while.

Hubby and the girls and I went out to dinner on Friday, my birthday, at Red Lobster. It’s usually a pretty safe bet as the girls like Crab and fish okay. It was all right, not fabulous, as Thing 1 wasn’t wild about her fish, though she did eat most of it. Thing 2 was pretty okay with her crab, though it took Hubby a lot of time to get it out of the shell for her, despite having upgraded to king crab legs instead of the normal little snow crab legs.

Hubby made a spice cake for me yesterday, and he and the girls got me some lovely presents. Hubby had let me know that he was looking for something in the mail for me, and I stupidly found it amusing that here I am, in trouble for Christmas shopping in July because the girls end up changing their minds… and I am married to this overnight shipping guy. Only to find that he DID order my gift two weeks ago, and thought he had plenty of time to get it here, but as it was coming from SCOTLAND it took longer than he thought, and so didn’t make it here until Saturday, thus throwing our family celebration off a day. He gave me a beautiful brooch and locket from a place called Heather Gems, the factory of which we visited in Scotland when we were there. Ironically, I guess he took the girls somewhere that has Scottish stuff and Thing 2 picked out a Heather Gems necklace and earring set. Thing 1 picked out a cute little inch high mouse figurine, that I admired appropriately and then put in the display case. Hubby told me later that apparently those are COLLECTIBLE figurines, and the first one she picked out was a retired figurine that sold for $250. He didn’t tell me how much this one sold for, but I suspect it was more than the necklace.

The cold I mentioned earlier was really awful. I felt exhausted a week ago Thursday, but Friday afternoon I figured I was coming down with something and started pounding the Echinacia, by Saturday morning I felt like I had the flu. I missed my mom’s birthday party, and just sent Hubby and the girls. We stayed home from Church, I spent most of those two days on the couch reading, or napping though by then my throat was hurting.. By Monday morning, I didn’t have much choice I had to be up and around. Beside, I did feel somewhat better, except my throat was worse. I made an appointment for Tuesday with the doctor. I had really swollen glands or something in my throat and the back of my mouth.
The doctor said my throat looked awful and despite the quick swab for strep coming back negative, she was sure I probably had strep throat and did the culture 48 hour test. She gave me a prescription.

By that evening, Hubby was coming down with it too. His symptoms mirrored mine, so we both started taking the prescription, and I got him into the doctor the next day. He got his own prescription.
Hubby got worse, I continued to get better, the swelling went down, and I hoped the girls had dodged it. Hubby was down for two days, though he was marginally functional by the 2nd day. I am about better, he says his throat still hurts a little.

Today Thing 1 is telling me her throat is feels weird. Both of them have swollen glands, Thing 2’s look pretty swollen from the inside of her mouth, though she’s not complaining of any sore throat. So I let them talk me into staying home from church.

Pretty comprehensive sick story.

I keep hoping that I can get on top of things, and that by me keeping the whole rest of the house clean, his messes will stand out more and he’ll just naturally take care of them. Without me nagging. But things keep happening that knock me behind, like being sick, or decorating for Christmas, or whatever, and I continue to not catch up on the house, or I do catch up on one room and three days later it looks like I didn’t do a darned thing, and we’re back where we started from.

I should shut up and go clean something.

Friday, December 5, 2008

My monkeys

I love their hugs. The girls squeeze so tight and so sincerely.. Thing 1 used to give monkey hugs with her arms around my neck and legs around my waist… Thing 2 squeezes so tight I think she’s going to pop my head off…

But at 2:30 am… or 5:30 am… any of those early morning hours, being woken up to walk into their room for the sole purpose of being hugged, my enthusiasm wanes.