Sunday, February 15, 2009


The next day, Sunday, we went to Legoland. There was some confusion when we bought the passes, because Hubby asked for four Two-day passes (2 adult, 2 kid) with an aquarium update, which we thought was something like $83 for the adults and $63 for the kids. The receipt said we’d paid $53 a piece for ours, less for the girls, and $10 x 4 for the aquarium upgrade. This confused us completely, but we figured they must have given us some deal or calculated it differently, and went in.

Legoland was fine… nothing spectacular, and the girls spent half their day worrying about whether or not we’d let them buy something from the gift store. The best part of Legoland is still the driving ride – where the kids can drive around wherever they want on a track. Hubby had to take a phone call, which left me with both girls for a while. Unfortunately, the big driving range was for kids 6 – 13. Thing 2 should have gone to the 3 – 5 year old circular track. But I couldn’t watch both of them… so I whispered the situation to Thing 2, and told her today she was 6. The attendant in the line really asks, too, they don’t just take it on faith that you’ll obey the rules. The guy goes through the line, looked each kid in the eye, and asked them their age. I saw him doing this before we got over there, so I coached her a couple of times. She loved being six, and when I practiced her in the line she gave me this “I am so getting away with murder” smile whenever I would quiz her on her age. But she answered quick enough when the attendant asked her, with no hesitation or nodding from me, and they let her on the ride. She did absolutely beautifully. I had coached them both while we were waiting on proper driving technique, pointing at the kids who were already driving and how they were stopping correctly and oh look that kid just ran a red light, and apparently I scared Thing 1 to death. She was a very cautious driver… stopping at every corner whether she had a stop sign or not, waiting for all the cross traffic – who should have been stopping for her – to go by… driving very cautiously. Thing 2 drove like she owned the place, speeding around and having a ball while still obeying all the rules of the road. They rode it twice – the 2nd time the attendant recognized the girls and didn’t ask them their ages again. It was almost scary how good Thing 2 was at lying about her age, and how tickled she was to have pulled one over and gotten onto the big kid track…
Am I teaching her to be a juvenile delinquent?

We met my folks for dinner at a place called Pat and Oscar’s, it is kind of a fast pizza joint.

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