Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentines and Home Depot

We had a Primary Party this morning, a re-do of last year's Pre-Valentine Waffle and Valentine making party. Last year we told the kids to come for 2 1/2 hours, we fed them heart shaped waffles, decorated valentine cookies and stamped and stickered valentine cards. I was in charge of the card part last year. It was WAY too much time, and we had to use a basement gym because our day overlapped with another ward's annual President's Day party. We ended up running up and down two flights of stairs with the waffles because the waffle irons kept tripping the breakers in the gym. We had to have the waffle irons going in the kitchen two flights up... we were saved from complete disaster by one of the presidency's husbands staying through the whole party running herd on the kids.

This year we reserved the upstairs gym and kitchen, and told the kids to come for an hour and a half, we dropped the cookies from the entertainment list and just decorated valentines. I brought all my stuff left over from last year, plus some more foam heart stickers and doilies, and was in charge of the cards again.

I think it was a roaring success this year. The only issue, really, was that there had been a wedding in the cultural hall the night before and they had left the kitchen in a mess, their garbage in big bags in the cultural hall, and boxes and boxes of decorations and candles and candle hurricanes all along the stage and in the lobby.

As we were cleaning up, the 2nd counselor mentioned that her husband works on Saturdays as the resident plumber at Home Depot, and they were going there afterward to do the Kid's Club craft. I quizzed her about it, thought it sounded like a reasonable distraction since my Hubby's out of town for the weekend, so we went over there and it was great! We arrived a half an hour before they shut the thing down, and unfortunately they ran out of the craft of the day (which was a really cool little wooden keepsake box with a heart on it), but the girls picked out a firetruck crayon holder thing to make, and had a marvelous time anyway. They got miniature Home Depot aprons and hammered their little hearts out, and got a little wooden truck out of it. What's not to love!

We'll be going back next month!!!

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