Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good little travelers

We got up this morning and Hubby was worried about the class he’s teaching back home tomorrow that he’s not ready for. (He’s in the other room pulling an all nighter right now.) As we rubbed our eyes after sleeping in late, and leisurly did our packing, he was looking at our 3:40 pm flight. He figured it’s stupid to waste all morning hanging around downtown Disney, we’ve already been there done that. So he called and found he could get us on the earlier 1:10 pm flight. I thought it gave us not quite enough time to eat breakfast, especially if there was any line at all at IHOP… But he seemed sure we’d have time. We packed up and were loading the car, when he realized he didn’t have the car keys. These were MY keys, the keys to the Passat and the house. He looked everywhere, came back to the room, looked everywhere, we couldn’t find them. We did a last scan of the room and took the last bag to the car where Hubby started unloading his bag, and finally found them in a pocket of – not his computer bag (where he had expected to have put them) but another bag that held his computer writing tablet thing. Whew! But that took us some extra time. Then, the girls were getting situated in the car when Thing 1 realized she didn’t have the magic wand for her build-a-bear rabbit from yesterday. We looked all around the car, then she and I retraced our steps back up to the room, got the maid to let us in, and searched the room. We did not find the wand. We went back out to the car and I reminded Hubby that I didn’t think we had time for breakfast… I mean, it was after 10:30, and the flight left at 1:10…? And we're how far away from the airport?... He insisted we did. We started walking over to IHOP, and as we got there and were opening the door, Hubby was walking along behind and did a google map on his iphone and found that the airport was about a 40 minute drive away. We did not have time for breakfast. He very graciously said I was right, we had to get going to make it to the airport at all.

We made the flight just fine, both girls were marvelous. I sat by Thing 2 this time, and she was amazed at how quick the flight went without the 2.5 hour wait at the gate. She pretty much just sat there and talked and played with her dog and looked out the window and ate her cookie.

It’s nice to be back, and I got all the suitcases unpacked and the laundry sorted while Hubby ran to the store to buy stuff for his class tomorrow. That alone puts me a day ahead in life, though the TV room is a mess from our having dinner-and-a-movie in there. But it’s past bedtime, maybe I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

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