Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sleep walking

Thing 2 is still having nightmares. For the past couple nights now she’s had me up several times a night, usually from 3:00 or 4:00 am on, about every half hour or so. Which means I’m getting three or four hours of sleep, then dozing for fifteen minutes five or six more times before I have to get up.

This does not work for my body.

The first several times she wakes me up I am sympathetic and snuggling… but after the fourth or fifth or sixth time in a night, my tolerance plummets. I don’t think I’ve snapped at her too bad, but I do get more growly and less huggy. And right now I’m positively sleep walking.
I can’t remember the circumstances but despite mostly marvelous behavior over the week in California, sometime over the past week Thing 2 was kind of acting up over something and bothering Thing 1. I had just made a comment to Hubby about how good the girls had been, when Thing 2 did something like poke at Thing 1… and I said to Hubby “Someone seems to be a little crabby, though…” Thing 2 looks up and says cheerfully, “That’d be me.”

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