Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last day on the beach

Friday was our last day on the beach, and it was really pretty. Quite a bit warmer than our other day. I was feeling my cold, and we cooled our heels around the condo until after lunch, then I took them out and we had a glorious time on the beach. They wore tee-shirts over their swimsuits, and played in the sand and chased seagulls, and had a great time.

They found some palm tree husks, I don't know what they were, but Thing 1 picked it up and immediately recognized it as a mask.

I built a pretty good sandcastle. Grandma came out and watched us and knitted. Finally she got cold and went inside, but the girls were just getting warmed up. We put on their wetsuits and we all went out into the water… about up to their hips, so the waves of course splashed up almost to their chests or higher sometimes, as the waves were coming in. I had a firm grip on their hands, of course, the whole time, and I think they came in more because their hands were going numb from my grip than because they were tired of playing. It was a very nice day. We hopped in the car after supper and took the girls shopping, and FORCED Thing 1 to choose some clothes. On the way back, when she learned we were kind of late and she didn’t have time to play with her Legos before bed, she moaned “This was a BAD PLAN!!!” She hadn’t wanted to go shopping at all, and resented being forced to.

Hubby got in later than I thought, and I didn’t get to sleep until 2:00 am or so.

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