Monday, June 22, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

We took the kids to Vegas for a week, while Hubby was at a conference. We stayed at the Palazzo. They loved it. While he was at the conference, the girls and I played at the pool, shopped, hung out in the hotel room with the huge sectional couch and sunken living room. We roamed the canals between the Palazzo and the Venetian. We had fun.

So now the kids have been out of school for a total of Two weeks - minus the two days of school that they SHOULD have attended that we were in Vegas - but give or take two weeks. And we've already slumped into the apathetic inertia that I feared might hit sometime the middle of July.
I bought freakin' season passes to the local Amusment Park. We went... Once. Was it once? I think so. Before Vegas. So today, after swimming lessons (my only commitment to structure for the summer) I offer to take them to the amusment park, after a trip to the bank. No thanks, we'd rather sit here and play Wii.

Really? All DAY?

Well, I can sit at the computer All Day, looking things up, getting to my email backlog, and watching a few episodes of whatever needs catching up on So I guess they come by it rightly. Still it's a little frustrating as my protestant work ethic screams for satisfaction. At least they're dressed, thanks to swimming suits being so darned uncomfortable. When swimming lessons are over at the end of the week, we'll probably be in our pajamas until dinner time...

The joke of the day.
Thing 1 asks, "What's your name?"
You tell her.
She asks, "What color is the sky?"
You say Blue.
She asks, "What's the opposite of down?"
You say Up.

She laughs, as though she's pulled some great joke on you, and says "(Your name) blew up!"

Very funny, shweetheart.