Monday, October 21, 2013

Rough Morning

Hubby's in Australia.
I came downstairs this morning (late) to hear Hubby Facetiming the girls.  I popped in to say hi, but needed to get breakfasts made and lunch for Thing 1, so I wasn't able to do more than listen in from the  kitchen.  The girls usually get up and play minecraft or something in the morning.  I heard Hubby say "Well I should get to sleep and let you girls get back to your computers" which I know means they're ignoring him.  He asked Thing 2 if she got the text he sent.  Pause.  "Did you get my text?"  I went into the living room and wasn't too surprised to see she had her headphones on and wasn't paying attention to him at all.  I took off her headphones and got in her face and asked if she had seen her daddy's text.  I showed it to her.  It was a link to a cute video, she watched it, he signed off.
When I called the girls to breakfast I gave them a quick lecture on how it's 3:00 AM for their father on the other side of the world and he misses them and stayed up to talk to them and they can't even get their noses out of their computers to pay attention to him.  He loves us and misses us and you guys aren't even paying attention to him.  That's about all I said.  Thing 2, as always, has an excuse or something and tells me "Well I thought he was talking to Thing 1!" or something and I said No matter who he's talking to you can pay him the consideration of listening.  Next thing I know they're both sobbing.  Thing 2 says "You don't have to rub it in!"  They want to call him back. They miss him and love him so much!  No, I say, you don't have time and it's already 3:25 in the morning for  him and he's got to get to sleep.  Send him a text, he'll see it when he wakes up.
I am such a mean mean mom.

I haven't been grocery shopping since before this long weekend where we went to my mom and dad's.  We had one slice of bread left and two heels, the girls don't like heels but that's all I had for breakfast because I needed to save the one slice for Thing 1's lunch.  Thing 2 complained.

As I pulled out of the driveway to take Thing 2 to school I saw that sometime during the night the moose came and successfully demolished the rest of our trees. The three aspens were broken off just like the three on the other side of the garage, and the Canada Reds were stripped.  Sigh.  I should have invested in the Wolf Pee or whatever.  $100 in canine urine is cheaper than replacing six trees.

We spent the long UEA (Utah Education Association) weekend at my folks.  They are getting on in years, so the girls and I have been going up there for the past couple of years to help pick their apples.  Hubby always seems to schedule some big trip for this weekend.  It was kind of a working vacation for me.  I picked apples (the girls helped really well), made a big vat of applesauce, cut out and made most of Thing 1's Halloween costume, took a couple trips to the store, helped with Thing 1's school project, bought pumpkins, and made several smoothies for my dad to try out.  Busier than my normal days.  We took the guinea pigs and the dog, so packing up going and coming home was kind of a chore.   We made it back in time yesterday for Thing 2 to go riding.

Thing 1's Egyptian styled water clock
Then this morning as we're rushing out the door we realized we left our coats in the closet at my folk's.  The only one who's really effected by this is Thing 2, who took her big winter coat and needed it this morning in the 27 degree weather.  Thing 1 and I took (and left) lighter weight jackets.  Thing 2 was in tears again as she tried on a much too small old coat in the closet, and ended up wearing last year's Sunday coat and feeling very unhappy.

As I was editing this I realized that on my trip to the grocery store after I got the kids to school I forgot to buy bread.

Not our best start to the day.
I don't have any pithy "Tie it all together and make it all right" remarks.  It was just a rough morning.