Saturday, February 14, 2009

So Cal here we come!

Our annual trip to Southern California!!!

Valentine's day has been not really a romantic holiday for a while for us. We have spent it playng with the girls for a couple years, I think, and this year we spent it going to California.
We got up and got out the door to catch the plane at a pretty good time. But it was snowing, and once we boarded the plane we sat at the gate for 2 and a half hours – that’s right, two and a half hours before we took off. I sat by Thing 1, and thank heaven she was an angel.
Once we landed in San Diego around 4:00 instead of 2:30 like we’d expected, we picked up the rental car and then headed for the condo. It was a beautiful day, and the girls were eager to get out on the beach. We had a nice evening with my folks.

Grandma and Thing 1 watch the sunset...

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