Thursday, October 18, 2007


Raking leaves is fine, not my favorite chore but it's just fine. The good part is having the girls jump in the piles. I remember being frustrated that the pile wasn't soft when you jumped in it, but they don't seem to mind.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Thing 1.

And since I'm including photos just because they're so darn cute - this is Thing 2 picking her pumpkin at the pre-school pumpkin outing.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Zoe’s friend Maxine is here and they are alternately playing together very nicely, and not playing together. Zoe is pretending to be afraid of Maxine, and curling up on the couch in a ball. Maxine gets frustrated with this and comes to me for help. So she and I had a snack together with Thing 2 howling in the background.

Wytie’s grandma will be bringing Thing 1 home any minute. I asked her to pick Thing 1 up because I was waiting for a UPS package for Hubby that had to be signed for. The package came, but when it was time to go to school it turns out Thing 2 was embroiled in her unhappiness.

Hubby is in India. He left on Monday morning, and between the time changes and the expense and spotty internet connections, he hasn’t been able to call but for two minutes (yes, two minutes) last night. He used the new iPhone, and the call probably cost $5.00, but I was glad to hear he was okay. We texted quite a bit the day after he left, so I knew he was alive.

I am feeling a little… frustrated. There are so many things to do… and while I’m knocking off the little ones from my list, there are some pretty big remodeling projects that need to be done. The office needs to be emptied, painted, and new shelves and apparently a new desk needs to be bought. I need to move my stuff out, and make more room for his stuff. My frustration with this, aside from the fact that I will probably be doing most of it myself, is that while he certainly needs more room for his professional library, giving him more shelf space might mean more room for papers and stuff like that which I don’t quite know how to go through, no really more book shelf space. Another problem is I don’t really have shelves in the breakfast nook, where my stuff is supposed to go to, to hold my stuff. Of course there will be some shelves freed up when we get some new shelves for him, but it needs some serious reorganization in there too. Luckily I’m not hoping to get it painted before the reorganization is done.

Then there’s the girls bedroom. Thing 1 has pretty much grown out of her toddler bed, and needs a twin bed. We found a bunk bed at IKEA that is quite short and I think will be fine, but again, I want to paint. I don’t like the white-favoring-gray walls up there, and there’s no reason they should stay that way for another five years. Except that the carpet is gray. That’s my one limiting factor.