Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pictures in my lockets

Been really busy. Maybe I should do a catching up blog after this one.
But first I wanted to write that I finally took about half an hour to go through old pictures to find some good little photos to put in my lockets. I have three. One, with room for just one photo, was one of the few things that wasn't stolen when our house was robbed and my jewelry was the primary loss. It wasn't there because I was wearing it to my grandmother's funeral we attended right before we left for the vacation we were on at the time of the robbery. It's a big black pearl.

The second one my husband bought me when I confessed to him that a beautiful simple gold locket he bought me on the mother's day right after our first daughter was born was one of the things I missed the most of the jewelry that was stolen. The replacement is a heavy silver locket, about as big as the end of my finger, from the last knuckle to the tip. It's shiny, plain, and lovely.

The third he bought me recently, for my birthday, I believe. Some of the other jewelry that had been stolen had come from our engagement trip to Scotland, we found a place where there is a "Heather Gems" factory. They take bits of heather, dye them, polish them up, and kind of make a stone out of it. They're like really fancy fine grained wood in a rock. I hadn't had a locket from there originally, just a pin and some earrings, but he bought me a beautiful locket, mail ordered from Heather Gems in Scotland. It's a red "stone" set in silver on the flat locket. He also bought me a gorgeous pin and some earrings, but that's another story.

So I've had these lockets anywhere from five years up until a year ago, and I think my girls have stopped climbing on my lap to look inside. They gave up. So I raided my photo bin, found a couple of pictures, and cut out the heads.
It's hard for me to decide which photos to cut up. I am not a scrap booker, and don't like cutting into photos at all anyway. I justified my photo picks by hoping that I have digital copies of the ones I cut up, and can reprint them later. I hope I'm right.

It's nice to have this taken care of..
The summer is slipping by and I'm not getting much done.

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