Sunday, August 16, 2009

Broken heart

My friend Kelly has a blog.
She has posted some of her favorite blogging friends on her blog.
One of them I started reading, she is just so funny, and clever, and I want to adopt her as my little sister, only I'm not nearly cool enough to keep up with her.

Theirs are the links in my sidebar.

I started watching her shortly after her divorce, as she stared re-dating and old boyfriend, who apparently was in love with her since before her husband. I don't know the story, I haven't read that far back in her blog. But this new (old) guy just sounded so grounded and great, and they seemed so perfect and cute together, and he clearly loves her dearly, and through her quippy, smart writings she is gushing about him... So perfect!

Then I read her blog last week to find he died in a plane crash, with his dad and brother.

I sobbed. I hugged my kids. I called my husband, I have been telling people about the sad story of this nearly total stranger... My friend's blog tells a few more details, it is just such a tragic story.

It is so frustrating that there's nothing I can do... this lovely girl, with so much sorrow... it just hurts to think about her.

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  1. Well, it is because of friends like you that this friend got through the death of her husband. Without uncountable trips to Piedmont ghost town to see his headstone, I wouldn't have made it. Thanks for those trips.

    The friends that do know Kir (and you will too, someday), we've learned what it takes to bouy up a good friend by example from those of you that shared so much with us in really bad times.

    Still, my favorite memory is of waterskiing in Brent's bay becaue you were able to get me there. That's the type of things that we can do for Kir. And we are.


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