Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My life as a salesman

I sold our car in one day.
After it sat in front of our house for about three weeks with "For Sale" signs in it, I listed it on KSL.com. I had three calls on it, and one offer. All in the first day.
I think the trick is listing it at a reasonable price. When I browsed for other cars of this type, I was finding prices as high as three times what I was asking for what looked to me to be comparable vehicles.
I also learned that if you severely underprice baby items, people will practically beat down your door to get to them. We had a nice double side by side jogging-type stroller that I listed for $50. I probably should have listed it for $150, because I swear about five seconds after I hit the "Submit" button on the add, I started getting calls. The first lady really wanted it but wanted to talk to her husband. No sooner did I hang up with her when an Asian lady called and badgered me to take her offer, to the point paying me there and then with paypal. I said okay. Then I found out she lives about an hour and a half away and wants me to meet her in the middle. I should have backed out of the deal, or told her that I'm charging 50 cents a mile delivery. But I'm way too sweet for that.

Oh, and she works until 4:00 pm so we can't do it before that. Which had me driving in rush hour traffic to meet this person so I can deliver something I should have gotten at least twice as much as I asked for... if only I'd have done my homework o pricing that one.

I had to quickly go to the website to mark the stroller as sold because my phone was ringing off the hook about it.

I also sold the girl's old tiny bicycle, and just now sold their train table with all the train stuff that went with it. I am feeling like quite the salesman!
I have a couple more things to list, but they're seasonal and I think I'll wait untl the season is right.

On a different note.

I was watching Hulu – streaming television. Thing 2 caught me. She wants to watch. So I switch from the death and violence crime show I'm watching to a show I think she might possibly like. There is a series about Merlin I’ve seen a few episodes of, so I brought up that page and asked, “Do you know who Merlin is?”

“Yeah,” she says. “My Grandma.”

So we’re watching Merlin. There is a Fast and Furious commercial. Thing 2 puts on her best announcer voice and says “It’s Fast, and Serious!”

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