Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girls on bikes

Momentous day yesterday - Monday... BOTH girls finally let go and took off on the bicycle, no help from me (except in the starting and stopping, that's still a little shaky.) I've been trotting alongside helping with corrections for a while, but this is the day when they sort of grasped that they didn't need me, and took off on their own. I got phone video, videocamera video, and stills of Thing 2. Since she was crowing on the phone with Daddy when Thing 1 really took off, and since the phone is my easiest way to send video to the computer, and it's like two in the morning (I've been up hulu-dot-com-ing) and I'm too lazy to upload the real video right now. Maybe later. But they both did it! Huzzah!

Hubby felt bad that he missed it,(not that I blame him), he's in North Carolina I think. We've been working on this off and on for a couple of weeks. I felt since nearly the beginning of this endeavor that they almost had their balance, they just need a little practice. I think he felt they weren't nearly as far along as I did, so he was surprised today when he got the video that I'd let go completely. I wasn't surprised at all. But then I've been running along side a lot more than he has.
Thing 2 really mastered it first, and was very proud of herself. Thing 1 had a lot more fears about it, but reported that she said a strengthening prayer, after which she got brave and took off without all the whimpering and shaking she exhibited earlier. Whatever it takes, sweetheart.

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