Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Humor rating

I keep in email contact with an old boyfriend. He lives a state away, and has a son a couple years older than my oldest, and a daughter within a year's age of my youngest.
He wrote me once lamenting of the problems he was having - he had been playing Duck-Duck-Goose with his kids, and had stubbed his toe rounding the circle and had broken it. My emailed reply was a couple paragraphs of various combinations of the letters "H" and "A." Of course I apologized for my lack of sympathy.
He later replied that it was refreshing to get my response, most people were horrified about the whole thing, I don't know exactly why... maybe that he'd injured himself playing a children's game, maybe that he was actually playing a children's game... I'm not sure.
Another friend told me he judged people's sense of humor by asking them to watch a movie with him, now I can't remember which movie it was, but I think it was Raising Arizona. That, or Buckaroo Bonzai. Either way, I passed, as he and I had seen the movie together and had loved it.
I just read a blog by someone I like to read about how her daughter made her first book in kindergarten. While all the other little girls write about kittens, puppies, unicorns, her daughter wrote about how she Barfed... or Borft in her spelling. The teacher didn't find it amusing. How can you be a teacher of children and not find tat sort of thing hysterical? Humor is the best defense of a kindergarten teacher.


  1. I remember us going to a movie and laughing SOOOOOOOO hard!!! We looked around the theater...crickets. The movie was The Hudsucker Proxy. Remember? Good times!

  2. Welllll ding- ding- ding- YOU WIN!! YOU'RE the ONE I was Talking About! I told you I forgot which movie! NOW I remember!!! I think having kids has made me forget everything. I started this blog so that someday there will be a record that my children were actually children one day because I seem to be forgetting it as it happens.


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