Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Computer

This is insane.
My computer crashed.
My "nearly new computer" came to a sudden but inevitable end on Sunday.  I think it's the kids playing whatever games they can find on the internet which killed it.  My computer is always up and available, and it is the one the kids go to when they want to do anything internet related.  I suspect somewhere, somehow, someone who has not yet reached puberty has inadvertently sabatoged my computer.
Michael, the computer guru from Click computers, came over yesterday.  We have a long and checkered past.  He's wiped a couple computers for me.  Apparently I am very hard on them.  Or the kids are.
He sort of smiled at me sadly, and asked what operating system it uses as he turned my dead laptop over and looked at the bottom of it.
I told him it was originally Vista, but that was what drove Hubby into the arms of a Mac, and when I took it over (IN APRIL!!! I hadn't realized it was only April, but that's when I posted about changing computers) we put Windows 7 on it.
He said it's not hard to imagine a Lenovo with Vista making anyone go postal; Lenovo computers with Vista operating systems is the WORST combination known to computerdom (not his words).  Windows 7 is slightly better, but still no bed of roses (again not his words). 
The three worst computers for repair guys are Toshiba (the death of my Toshiba is what prompted my switch to Hubby's old Lenovo), Sony, and Lenovo.  
Then he asked how much I like this computer.
Not much.  But here it is.

We talked for a little, the least he could do was get my data off of it, and then see how badly it's damaged.  He again brought up the option of me needing a new computer.  He recommends one of his custom built PCs. I kinda need a laptop.  He said there is a sweet HP laptop out there, for under $600.00, that seems like the cat's meow (not his words...  you get the idea).  Apparently HPs are one of the best computers to have if you have a problem.  Not that you expect a problem, because they're fine computers.

Hubby happened to be home, but on the phone.  When Michael left with the carcass of my Lenovo and Hubby came out and talked to me, I learned that Hubby still harbors a certain amount of resentment toward the Lenovo, apparently their relationship scarred him deeply.  He would be perfectly happy if
1) the Lenovo never darkened our doorway again
2) we had computers around the house that do not make people (including the kids) scream at them in frustration
3) I was happy with a new computer
4) this Michael character could take care of the whole set-up and data transfer of all my files and data (AND PHOTOS!) from the dead Lenovo to the new computer because he (Hubby) doesn't have a free day or more to devote to it

I suspected Hubby wants me to have a mac, but since 
1) the receipts program I use to do his billing doesn't run on a Mac
2) he's not usually around to help me when I have problems with the computer, 

Hubby agreed that perhaps a windows laptop is what we (I) need.

I called Michael back and asked if he could hook me up with said wonderful laptop.  He's not a HP dealer or anything but he could get one for me.  He assured me this was the cadillac of the "traveling man's... oh, um, traveling woman's computers" (Yeah, he said that. hee hee!). 

So, I still have a little bit of Quickbooks online for the taxes, which I can do on Hubby's old MackBook Pro (that I am typing on now) but the rest of it is sort of on hold until I get a computer that will run the receipts program.  In a couple of days.  More or less.


  1. I got about half way through this and had to go get someone to read it to. You are funny!!! Good luck with the new computer. I hope it works wonders. It would be nice if you could get a couple so the girls didn't have to use yours.

  2. Hey, by the way, you changed the look of your blog. It is really pretty! You don't have Kelso's photo on the right side anymore.


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