Friday, January 7, 2011


Oh mercy I am so far behind!

We got back from Maui early yesterday morning.  I texted myself little updates every day we were there about what we were doing because it is so easy to forget and I didn't want to forget and we didn't have good internet access so an online journal wasn't going to happen.

And now an update isn't going to happen because I am just too far behind.

Suffice it to say Hawaii was AMAZING and WONDERFUL and MAGICAL and DELIGHTFUL and DELICIOUS and WARM and WELCOMING and INCREDIBLE and FASCINATING and PLEASING and SERENDIPITOUS and GREEN and BLOOMING and I could go on, but I've got a lot to do before I pick the kids up from school.

I'll catch up later.  With photos.  :-)


  1. Can I be your travel nanny?! Wow! What a wonderful trip...Maui. It's a beautiful place.

  2. I look forward to hearing about it. You have been amazingly quite about it.


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