Sunday, January 23, 2011

... and just when I thought it was safe to take a nap,

I check one last time before I give in and go take a nap, and the Quickbooks website is running again.

Sigh...  Lost an hour of my precious time and now I won't be getting that nap I so desperately want.


A couple hours later ---

Of course Hubby and the kids have been parked in front of the TV all day while I'm working... not that I totally begrudge them the relaxing time, but it rankles a little.  So I sauntered in and told them they aren't watching whatever cartoon that they choose to stream off Netflix, they're watching Planet Earth.  They protest, it's boring, it's too educational, etc.  I stand firm and put in the disc, then come back to the kitchen to move on to June's AM EX statement.  I hear intriguing music and laughter and oohs and aahhs and "GROSS" coming from the other room, and I'm sad again.  Guess who likes the Planet Earth series the best!  Not them, ME!!!

I keep pushing through to do one more month, then one more month.  I know how little time I actually get during the week, and know this is my best shot for getting this stuff done.  Though I sure hate losing my weekend.


  1. Is there any way that you can not do this all at once? I really have no clue. Just asking.

  2. Yes, the WISE thing to do would be to keep on top of it, monthly, entering the transactions and expenses, and reconciling everything.

    But obviously I didn't do that last year...

    Maybe this year.


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