Sunday, January 23, 2011

Death and Taxes

I am consumed with getting the QuickBooks online stuff done for tax season.  I try and get everything to the accountant before we go on our annual trip to Southern California over President's day.  For the past two years I haven't made it, and I don't get everything to the accountant until March, and he's completely swamped by then and so we have to file an extension.
I want it done by April!  I want it OVER!
This involves 3 main areas of stuff I need to do:
1) Enter and reconcile the company bank account
2) Enter and reconcile all transactions on the AM EX credit card Hubby charges everything to when he travels
3) Make a travel report for each trip he took in 2010, subtract the meals he charged the clients for from the per diem we claim on our taxes, and.... well there's some other stuff I won't go into.
4) Get all of the above and everything else necessary to the accountant.

That's more than three.  But it just shows you how handicapped I am at accounting.
So I am throwing all my free time at Quickbooks.
I opened our file and found that I had only made a handful of entries for the bank account since August.  It took me three days to update and reconcile the bank account.
Next is Am EX.  I started it on Friday.  I thought the AM EX account would be roughly as complete as the bank account, but alas, alack, I haven't made an entry into the AM EX register since January of 2010.  AUUUGGGHHH!
I couldn't even find all the statements, I was missing February, and had to get it off the internet.
So.  I gave up my entire day yesterday, Hubby responded to all the needs of the kids while I sat at the kitchen table with his AM EX statements, entering, checking off, and reconciling.  I got through January, February, and March!!  HOORAAY!!
So today, starting after church, I find that my laptop, Hubby's old Lenovo, is dead in the water.  It won't boot up.
This is very bad.  But I don't have time to deal with this, and there are two other laptops available for me to get online.  Fine, now I'm on Hubby's old MacBook Pro.  Bigger screen, actually easier to enter transactions.  I'll worry about the Lenovo and all the pictures and data on it tomorrow, when I can call Michael at Click Computers.

So I am grudgingly giving up my Sunday nap/reading/family/relaxing time, and sitting down to see if I can make it through three more months of AM EX transactions, as my kids park themselves in front of the TV (one is sporting a nasty sore throat and cold) and Hubby is playing some online game, and I start to enter transactions.  I entered the transactions for April, and started reconciling... I checked off about two items then Quickbooks FROZE UP on me!  
Nothing!  No response!  I'm getting a temporary service error!

Hmm, maybe they're right and it will just take a moment to fix.
I've been reading blogs, cleaning out my email file, and occasionally going back in to see if the Quickbooks website is responding, but NO!  I'm still getting a temporary service error!!!  How long does it have to be down before they have to stop claiming it's a TEMPORARY service error?!?

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