Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nearly New Computer

Darnit all, my computer died. This is my THIRD, yes, THIRD trojan horse, (Doh! I had to amend this because my sister commented it was probably a trojan VIRUS, not horse, and she's right) and it pretty much strangled the remaining life from my poor machine.

You would think that since I'm married to a computer guru I would have nearly no computer problems. But since Hubby is always on the other side of the country when I'm having these problems, I have a local guru that bails me out of these situations, Michael at Click Computers (in case you're in my area and are looking for help) who has pulled my bacon out of the fire more than once.

But this time, apparently, time and technology have so far exceeded the capacities of my little old four year old laptop which wasn't that powerful even brand new, I was informed (and Hubby concurred) I need a new computer. Unfortunately this is not something we can afford right now. However, there is an answer...

Hubby is a Mac guy now, after an unfortunate experience with Vista. He bought a wonderful new beautiful action-packed fully-loaded whiz-bang tablet computer that was only available with Vista. I can't remember how long it took, but his increasing frustration with Vista drove him into the arms of a new Mac. But here we have this nearly new beautiful action-packed fully-loaded whiz-bang tablet computer that has had Vista surgically removed, and Windows 7 installed. It's pretty much just sitting here, waiting for Thing 1 to make an animated movie on it. If he was buying me a computer, Hubby would get me a Mac, but since a) we have this nearly new beautiful etc. tablet sitting around, and b) any new PC I bought would have Windows 7 on it, it follows that in this time of financial constraint I use the tablet.

Hubby, who amazingly enough happens to be in town this week, spent all day Monday sneaking in the back door of my old damaged computer and salvaging all my files, then transferring them to the whoop-dee-do new old tablet computer. And the girls are thrilled to have a newly wiped little computer. They no longer have to beg me to get off my computer if they both want to play Club Penguin and Zoo Tycoon. They don't care that the new one has the memory capacity of a cantalope, for what they do it has plenty.

So now I'm typing on a Lenovo laptop, which is fully-loaded etc. and has bucket loads of storage. The ironic thing is that the tablet feature, which Hubby loves and is the whole reason he bought this computer, is something I don't care about. The other important features to him - size (small) and weight (light), are opposite of what I'd choose. The one thing I'm most interested in is a bigger screen, and I don't really care whether it weighs 5.6 pounds or 10, as I don't carry it around very much. Sigh.

But it's a clean one owner, and the price was right.

Let's just see if I can keep it virus-free.

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  1. You say you got a Trojan horse on your computer. You might have gotten a Trojan Virus, not a Trojan horse ;)


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