Saturday, December 25, 2010

Silent Night

Wonderful Christmas.

For our book group this month we read Skipping Christmas by John Grisham, and it put me in a completely foul unChristmaslike mood which lasted until about 7:30 this morning.
We went to some dear friends house last night for Christmas Eve, and they were lovely, she looked like June Cleaver in her cute dress and pumps, he was warm and entertaining, their kids are sweet and fun, the food was marvelous, and I was complaining and tired and whining and watching myself be complaining and whining and hating it... we got back late and with all the final preparations for today didn't get to bed until 3:00 am.

But the kids let us sleep until 7:30 (bless their hearts!) and we had a lovely wonderful magical Christmas.  Once the gifts were open and things were settling down the girls helped clean up the living room and we got everything set up for our dinner guests at 6:00 pm, and Hubby's roast was exquisite and the potatoes which he suffered over were divine, everything was just lovely.  As we were trying to shove the wrapping paper and boxes out of the way, I was rather stunned by how lucky we are, what exceptional kids I have, what an over-the-top amazing guy I married...

Tomorrow I have a church obligation, otherwise we'd just hop in the car and head to my folk's house right after breakfast.  But we're going to bug out of the church block early, as soon as primary sharing time is over, and head up for Christmas part deux at Grandma's.  Two years ago there was a mix-up with one of Thing 2's gifts, and she was shorted.  I have an image burned into my memory of her bright excited 5 year old self perched at the edge of the couch with her too short legs sticking straight out, her face beaming, her brand new doll on her lap, raising her hand when I asked who was ready for a present.  She was absolutely crushed when I told her as gently as I could that her presents had all been unwrapped.  It's a long story...  but in an effort to bring some sanity to the whole affair and to even things out my mother assures me she's cut way back this year... I think the truth is she's just got bigger boxes and is putting more than one thing in them.

Either way it's shaping up to be a lovely holiday.

If I can just get some sleep it will be perfect.

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