Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Bird Day!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Despite getting off to a late start, we were the first of all the company to arrive at my sister's house on Wednesday, we got our soup made, and everything was ready by the time people started to arrive.

Despite my fears that my sister's rambunctious boxers would eat my quiet little puppy alive, they got on FAMOUSLY and Kelso ended up completely wearing out the more active of her two dogs, Willo.  (Kelso didn't quite figure out how to play with her older, more relaxed dog Ruger, who mostly watched the two younger ones play).  The first night we were there it was a real dogfest, with the three of them barking and chasing each other around the house during our pre-Thanksgiving Soup Dinner.  We kept sending them outside, then letting them back in when they were quiet, only to send the three of them out again.  I'm sure my father thought it was crazy to let them be right there with the family, but I found it amusing to watch, and my sister said she's so immune to the barking that she hardly notices it anymore.

Kelso chilling on the back porch with his doggy cousin, Willo

Despite the fact that the official festivities were not at my mother's house, everything went off swimmingly, we had a marvelous time on Thanksgiving Day.  All of the days, actually.

Thing 2 rides Chaz, the best horse around, who is sporting his long winter coat.

Thing 2 got to go Horseback riding, and Kelso had the time of his life playing for 3 days with his new cousins.  He even did fabulous in the car up and back, not drooling all over himself.  If he thinks that Willo is at the end of a car ride, he may decide the car isn't so bad after all.

Thing 1, my niece, and Thing 2 enjoy their dinner.
Notice Thing 1's grown up grasp of the fork and knife.

I made Apple pie, it turned out okay.  The crust part was the only questionable part, it was okay and the guts of the pie were really good.  I also made my cousin's Sweet Potato Pie (a dessert that moonlights as a vegetable), this is the one that one of my sister's stepsons offered $5 to his dad for the last serving of a couple of years ago.  I made a double batch, screwed up the recipe a little, and still there were only about three servings left by evening on Thanksgiving day. 
The girls had a great time playing with their cousins, my mom was less stressed because everything wasn't at her house, and I had a wonderful time.

Typically, there are lots of people in the kitchen.
Five at this counting (you can just see my sister's arm stirring
the pot in front of my aunt in the red shirt.) Six if you count me

The only downer was that Hubby had to fly out today (Saturday) to Iceland.  So we only got him for this one short week. 
But what a lovely holiday!

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