Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kelso doesn't do well with turkey

I neglected to mention in my Thanksgiving report, that on Friday as the dogs were in the garage, my sister's bigger boxer pushed the gate aside and got over to the work bench, where all the leftovers were lined up for cold storage.  He somehow nudged a 9x13 pyrex dish full of turkey leftovers off the bench, which of course crashed onto the floor.

When I walked out that evening to start shuttling food in for dinner, I couldn't even tell what had been in the dish, the glass had been licked clean.  Calls to mind the scene from A Christmas Story, don't it?  So we didn't have much turkey left over.

My sister was worried sick that Kelso had eaten some glass.  Her own two gluttons she figured deserved whatever the got, but if they led my little innocent boy into intestinal puncturing, she would never forgive herself.   But there was no way of knowing how much turkey or glass he'd eaten, if any.  Her bigger boxer is pretty dominant and might not have let Kelso near the turkey.

He came through just fine, so to speak.  Sunday afternoon when we got home from church we found that he doesn't digest turkey very well.  He had diarrhea on the tile floor (his first "accident" in weeks, but it's hard to count it as such), and there was a large piece of undigested turkey in the middle of it.  Was that more than you wanted to know?  Probably.  Sorry.

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