Friday, November 6, 2009

Change to Firefox

Let's see if this works.  The only way I know to test it is, well, to test it.

We had a great Halloween.  Thing 1 wanted to go as a bat.  I found a bat costume on line that involved ripping apart an umbrella, it worked out pretty well but I couldn't get her ears to stand up.

Thing 2 was Cinderella.  She looked absolutely lovely. The problem is Cinderella did not go out in her little ball gown on late October mountain evenings.

  She was warm enough for the school carnival, but I didn't want to cover up the beautiful costume her grandmother made her for trick or treating, so I made her a cape.


Don't want to ramble on because it will just frustrate me to no end if I lose this post too... but it's letting me put in pictures, so let's give it a try..

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