Sunday, November 15, 2009

Call it a success!!

The baptism went really well.  Thing 1 was so excited she could hardly stand it...  everything went off very nicely.  My brother dunked, my dad blessed, and both did beautifully.  The one detractor was an older guy, I believe the grandfather of one of the other little girls getting dunked, who started in whispering after my dad finished the blessing part.  Hubby and I sitting right in front of him could hear him loudly whispering "He did it wrong!-" over and over again to whoever he was sitting next to.  "They've got to do it over!  He did it wrong!"  It was kind of distracting that when I'm hugging my girl and beaming her, and beaming  happy thank yous at my dad, I can hear this old rooster in my ear murmuring how it was screwed up.  After the closing prayer Hubby went up to the bishop and asked.  The bishop said my dad had said " the power" instead of "... through the power" or something extremely minor like that, and it wasn't really a big deal.  Certainly nothing worth bothering over.  It made me mad the old biddy behind me spoiled my basking in the moment with his worry fest.
Everything else went beautifully.
I needn't have worried about the whole white dress thing, though.  Of the two other little girls dunked on Saturday, one of them wore purple, and one wore white and black.  Thing 1's outfit was just fine.

The dog behaved very well for the after baptism party.  I thought I'd have to put him out in the freezing back yard while we had everyone over for dinner, but he mostly sat or slept rather contentedly on his rug in the kitchen and watched everyone come and go.  The dog people in my family were hugely impressed, the non-dog people were commenting loftily that we'll have to see how long it takes before this crazy "getting a dog" idea - especially one as big and hairy as this one's going to be - turns out to have been a bad thing.  Yeah, whatever.  The piddle counter is still going, and so for he doesn't shed.

While I went to exchange the shirt on Saturday morning, the girls went outside and played in the snow with the dog.   Off leash, I might add.  It is so nice to have a puppy who doesn't just run away.  Thing 1 got a kick out of piling snow on him.

  He mostly sat on the front porch and watched them romping around.

Today was the Primary program.  This was the third one I've written and been in charge of.  I was surprised at how well it went.  The kids really out did themselves.  We had a bunch of solos, and every kid spoke up and said their parts, some of which were pretty long for little kids (something you can do when you only have a dozen kids in the primary), and they all sang out just great.

I'm glad it's over.  But I kind of expect I might have to write one more before I'm released. 

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