Friday, November 13, 2009

Four Days Since Rug Piddle

My folks have been in Italy.  They got home tonight to find that the new hickory wood floor that they were having installed while they were out of town had to be ripped up because a valve in the dishwasher broke and flooded.  It soaked through to the basement in one of the back rooms, it's going to take a month to dry out the sub floor, get new hickory and "acclimate" it to their house...

Looks like we won't be doing Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's this year.
The dog went three days.  Then I think it was Tuesday I went into the dining room, he followed me, sniffed around a little and was making me nervous and then sure enough, piddled on my dining room rug.  So I started down the piddle counter again, and now it's been four days.  I really don't have time tomorrow for him to piddle again, as adding one day to his previous record is not a system I'd be really happy with.

Tomorrow is Thing 1's Baptism.  There are some mixed feelings about this, as Hubby won't be performing any of the ceremonies.  It's not really an endearing quality about the church to run it this way.  She is excited and scared and disappointed because of course she'd like her daddy to do it.  We're trying to not make much of the disappointed part of it.
I spent most of a day last week going from store to store looking for a white dress that would suit her because of course this is not white season, and even if it was, she is not going to be happy with sequins across her empire waisted filmy materialed dress...  I finally found a nice satiny sort of shirt at Macy's, with a little matching black knit skirt.  I decided I better try it on her tonight, and found the skirt is fine, but the shirt is obviously a size too big.  She normally wears a 7, but the shoulders hang off of this and the ruffle on the sleeve comes down to her fingernails.  Part of the problem, why I just found this out today is because she HATES to go shopping.  It just isn't fair, a picky dresser who refuses to go shopping with me?  My threats that she can wear the same pair of tacky baggy velour pants everywhere is completely hollow because I do so love to see my girls dressed nicely.  So I'm going to be dashing across town to exchange the shirt in the morning, leaving Hubby to get started on the food. Luckily the baptism doesn't start until 4:00.    Also the house is moderately clean, but not company clean.  And certainly not "company who have never been here before" clean.  That will take a bit of work.  I should probably go to bed as I've got a big day ahead of me.

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