Monday, November 9, 2009

It may be too early to call...

The day isn't over yet, but it looks like we may have actually passed two whole days with no dog accidents on the floor or rug.  It's been 48 hours, anyway.   I'm not sure if he's being trained to pee outside, or I'm being trained to take him outside all the time.

I want to take the dog to puppy school, but the timing at PetSmart is all off for me.  The other lady in the neighborhood with a collie recommended a private trainer.  The private trainer's prices for group lessons are a little more than PetSmart, but not dramatically so.  I am coming into her 8 week session 3 weeks late, so we're getting a deal on the last 5 sessions.  She also recommended private lessons.  I said sure, a couple of private lessons would be helpful.  What I didn't realize was that 1) she comes to your house (that's fine) 2) she wants to do private lessons in a series of 4 lessons minimum (okay) and 3) they're $75 an hour.  WHAT?    I can't commit to three hundred dollars of dog training right now!
So we're just going for the group lessons.
We start on Wednseday.

It's cute to see the girls so enamored of the dog.  Thing 2 likes to grab either side of his furry neck and rub her face in his.  They tell him about every five minutes when they're around him how cute he is.  I hope they still love him when he loses his puppy charm and just becomes a big hairy dog.

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