Friday, December 10, 2010

Let the Holidays Begin!

I haven't written anything for a month!
Actually I've written several but they all end up whiney and then the whiney mood passes.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  Ours is a multi day event, starting with dinner on Wednesday night and continuing until Saturday evening with a glorious revolving extravaganza of yummy food and playing games and a little shopping thrown in.  The only dark spot was a dominance problem with the dogs, who usually all stay with my sister, since dogs are persona non grata at my folks.  Her stepson's puppy was annoying all the other dogs so much her older, dominant dog seemed to feel the need to lash out at something, and it was Kelso, since he's the biggest of the little dog pack.  So we had to bring him over to my parents, where out of necessity he was tolerated.  Of course he did just fine, aside from a little shedding which my father politely didn't mention until asked later.  The shedding is not too surprising.
Oh, I took another one that shows even MORE hair.

I just HAVE to mention that when I took him for his Rabies booster shot he had hit a whopping 83 pounds.  He's 16 months old now and so has probably stopped growing.  Finally.

Since then it's been life back to normal.

Thing 2 has been having some friend issues.  Just when I think she's found a new one and we can relax about the whole thing, they have a falling out and she's unhappy again.  This time she tells me she asked the little girl what the problem was and was told, "you have too many other friends and I'm jealous."  We have tried to teach her to play with everyone, and apparently she's learned her lesson well enough to annoy other the other kids.

The countdown to Christmas has the girls very excited.  Thing 1 made a list which started out as a single page but then later gained a 2nd page and eventually a fully illustrated cover.

I didn't get out all the Christmas decorations this year, it just seemed like so much work.  The tree has quite a bit less of the usual flotsam and jetsam, I didn't set out any of the many nativities.  When I went to put up the outside lights, I found many of them had burned fuses and bulbs.  I put up what lights I could get to work, didn't want to deal with anything more than replacing a few bulbs, and called it good.  So far no one has complained about the relative decrease in festive clutter.  I think I'm the only one who noticed.

Hubby leaves tomorrow for a week in Paris, same as last year about this time.  He'll be back next Saturday and will be home for three weeks after, during the end of which is our week in Hawaii.

That's all, nothing big or exciting.

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  1. I love the picture of Kelso! What a handsome fellow!!!


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