Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There are no merry gentlemen or women RESTING around my house

I have a new addendum to Murphy's law.

For all effort exerted to achieve a particular objective, an equal or greater negative force will arise to thwart that objective.

In my case the objective is getting to bed on time.  I stopped doing several things I wanted to do last night, pushed my Christmas list back on the burner, and got to bed close to midnight - earlier than usual for me.
Then the negative force arose at 1:30 a.m. in the form of Thing 1's cold escalating suddenly into an inability to easily breathe.

I find breathing rather necessary, and require it unequivocally from my children.  It's hard to argue with the "I can't breathe" problem, even at 1:30 in the morning when I had tried so hard to get to bed.

So I let Thing 1 stay home from school today.  I didn't get some of my errands run because I hate to leave her home alone any longer than absolutely necessary.  Unfortunately all my nagging didn't produce one nap from her, and left me even more exhausted than before.  Why is that?  Unless she can spontaneously eject a lung or a limb, she's going to school tomorrow.

I have sent out most of Hubby's corporate Christmas gifts today.  He wanted to send something cheesy (in a good way, as in dairy cheese) and summer sausagey this year.  I voted for the chocolate, like usual.  Sausage and cheese requires more planning and organization, and possibly even refrigeration.  The candy is an easy phone call away.  Already boxed and packed for shipment.  We went with the candy same as the past two years. We ordered 20 boxes.  I penned the hand written sentiment from Hubby (in my weird girlish scrawl, but that will have to do since he won't be back in the country until Saturday which is well past the required shipping date), then inserted the cards, addressed, sealed, and sent 15 boxes today and am waiting for addresses for 2 more.  I think 2 others have local destinations not requiring a trip to the post office.  That leaves one for me, as his secretary/bookkeeper/personal assistant I believe I deserve one.  I'll even write my own Christmas card.   
Sincere thanks for a job well done.  You're irreplaceable, you truly are.  And in lieu of a huge raise, WHAT?  You're not getting paid?  Hmmm... well then in addition to a 100%... no, a 400% raise, I'm giving you this lovely box of caramels, English toffee, fudge, and mint cookie malt balls.  Enjoy!!!

Guess who chose all their favorite things from the candy store to go into the boxes?!  That's right!  Which is why it is taking a profound act of will to keep me from running in and raiding what I have already determined to be my box.  But there is Hawaii, and swimsuits on the beach to think about, grumble grumble grumble.

There is so much left to be done before December 25th, and a little more than a week left to do it. The race to the Christmas finish line continues.


  1. I'd much prefer sausage and cheese to candy, but that is just me. Of course, I would be at the mercy of what ever my wife wanted to do too. Sounds like you are busy into the holiday season!

  2. Oh, a little chocolate is a good thing!


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