Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Me Being Crafty

I am not accomplishing nearly what I had hoped in this little ramp-up to Christmas.  So, to offset that, I am taking a little of my precious double-and-triple booked time to post some past accomplishments.

I finally finished a couple of quilting projects for Christmas.
This one I started over two years ago:

Go ahead!  Click on it and zoom in!  It shows up much better.  I need to work on my photography skills.
I did these in a church quilting group with a half a dozen or so other women. Some of the fabrics we swapped, and some we didn't. On mine, I swapped some of the creams to get more variety, but I didn't swap many of the greens. The other women had a lot more going on in their greens, they were pretty busy, and I didn't like some of those busy fabrics. The problem was when the others were done and mine was next to them, theirs looked like decorated busy Christmas trees, and mine looked kind of plain. So, in a brilliant plan to make my life much more difficult, I decided I'd attach little magnets on mine, on the wrong side of the fabric, so we could use little metal things to decorate the tree. This slowed me down considerably, but I finally found something that would work, and found some sparkly things to use as decorations.  I just finished it up a couple months ago, that's the kind of schedule I'm running on. I'm pretty pleased with the result, though every now and again someone walks by and brushes it and all the little metal decorations skitter across the floor.
Here's some detail:

The next one was the project from a year ago. I noticed that it is the same size as the opening on my front door, so I hung mine there. Normally it is hung the other way, facing out and the sun isn't shining through it.  I should have taken the picture from the other side, but it's could out there!!!  I have some buttons to sew down his front, but that's farther down my to do list.

Okay.  Now I should get back to work.

I got my Christmas cards off, finally, but there is so much other stuff to do.  And I haven't even figured out what to do for the neighbor gifts!  I'm doomed to be up until 2:00 am every night between now and Christmas!!!  And we were going to cut back this year!  Ha ha ha!


  1. They turned out so well. I love how the snowman accentuates your stained glass. We still need to take that class!

  2. Ohmygoodness! Crafty, indeed! Um, sweet lady When *do* you sleep? Love your projects and hope you have a beautiful Christmas!

  3. I LOVE this! You are talented momma! Wanna make me one? ;)


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