Thursday, November 11, 2010

Care for a game of.....?

My girls are 23 months apart in age.  I don't know if it's their nearness in age, but they usually get along swimmingly and are usually very happy playing with each other.  I've seen some rather interesting activities come about as part of their play, a couple of them have reoccurred lately and I wanted to write them down.

There is one where one girl grabs the dog's pull rope, then waggles it in the air until the dog grabs it.  Then the other daughter grabs the dog's tail, and they trot off to make laps around the house with one daughter pulling the dog, the other being pulled by the dog.  They sing a weird little chant that sounds kind of like a limbo chant, they say "Congo, congo, Puuh-PEE! Congo, congo Puuh-PEE!"  The dog loves this, by the way.  They can do this until they're both panting. They call it, naturally, "Congo Puppy."

My girls have a problem in that though they usually play extremely well together, their likes are different enough that sometimes it's hard for them to figure out WHAT to play.  For example, one wants to play pokemon, the other wants to play Littlest Petshops.  They've found a work around activity that sometimes works, where they each play their own thing, but the two communities (for example, pet shops and pokemon) discover each other and have to learn to get along.  This is called "Meetings."

Another one which usually happens when they're getting dressed in the morning; they'll pull their arms into the torso of their shirts or pajama tops, letting the sleeves dangle empty.  Then they begin wildly thrashing their upper bodies back and forth like washing machine agitators on acid.  Their flailing causes the empty sleeves to whip around a little, and if you can hit someone with your sleeve you have scored.  I don't think this is that unusual, I seem to remember doing it as a kid. What I like about their version is what the girls call it:  "Sleeve Ninjas." 

I was going to be landing in Germany today,  had our plans not changed.  Hubby skyped and said he's tired of being on the road and feeling overwhelmed and wants to come home a day early, not even staying to do a day of sightseeing.  If he can get a flight, he will.  My initial reaction wasn't the normal "Oh honey, that would be great!  We'll be so happy to see you!"  Instead I guess I looked at him a little stunned...  I just couldn't imagine going to the effort and expense to come home early, avoiding the fun of looking around Nuremberg for a day.  He said "Don't you want me to come home?"  Well, of course, but don't you want to stay?   No.

We're taking the kids to Hawaii after Christmas in exchange for the Germany trip.  Maui, actually.  I've never been to Hawaii and am kind of excited.  We haven't had a vacation that DIDN'T involve a conference or my extended family in a long time.   And all in all I think at the age my children are they'll enjoy the beaches and fun of Hawaii more than the cultural interest of Germany...
But I definitely would have stayed in Germany for an extra day.


  1. oh dear! i know all too well the what shall we play, harass the dog and the overwhelming need to travel. and hawaii?? hawaii!! so, so very exciting! xo

  2. Sleeve ninjas! Love it!
    We went to Hawaii back before we had kids. It was amazing!

  3. hawaii??? i'm jealous!!!



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