Monday, February 22, 2010

Leaving So Cal

The last part of our California Adventure -  On Saturday after we were packed up and ready to go I DRAGGED the girls out to the beach for one more afternoon's worth of fun, since we were only going to drive 6 or so hours that day.  They didn't want to go, I guilted them into it by reminding them how playing on the beach was what they were so excited about before we came.  Once we got them out there, the surf was too high to boogie board, and Thing 2 wailed and cried.  Once she settled down, though, she had fun playing in the sand.
Thing 1's sand castle was threatened by the waves.  It kept lapping up at her heels as she was building.
Hubby, of course, built some wonderful kid/sand sculptures.  

He turned Thing 1 into a stick figure.

Thing 2 enjoyed running up and down the beach
An interesting note - the hotel we stayed at on the way home had the most bizarre looking beds.  Apparently when they wash those comforters, the down-alternative stuffing sort of wads up into lumps, and it makes for a rather odd looking bed.  

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