Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is There a Bowling League for the Between -The-Legs-Rollers?

During the week I have to go in and wake Thing 2 up in time for school.  But this morning, as I have noticed happening the last three weeks that Hubby hasn't been around to get up with them on the weekend, Thing 2 wakes up early- earlier than I am waking her up during the week - and lies in bed and calls me.  This is even after agreeing the night before how nice it will be to sleep in the next morning.  Oh well, we had a full day planned anyway.

Two years ago when Thing 1 started kindergarten we found one of her classmates has a family that is configured a lot like ours.  I like the mom, Thing 1 plays beautifully with the little boy, and Thing 2 gets along great with his little sister.  The dad, while in a completely different field than Hubby's, is self employed and has gone through some similar experiences as Hubby with that.  They're all great, we've done a bunch of stuff as an eight-some.
In about two weeks they're moving to the other side of the valley, about an hour's drive away.  I am so bummed.
Today the girls and I went bowling today with the mom and her kids - her husband works on Saturdays and normally we are having some quality face time with Daddy so we are unavailable on the weekends, but today with Hubby still gone we were all up for a little bit of getting out of the house.   I think all the kids had a blast, it was so cute and funny to watch them bowl.  We kept expecting to be evicted, but the management never said a word about all the bangs and crashes as the bowling balls smacked on the lane. The kids' techniques ranged from the between the legs scoop, to the running throw and toss, to the swing and launch - which sort of shot puts the bowling ball about five feet out in the air.  All of these except the between the legs roll seemed pretty hard on the lane.   Most of these techniques send the ball slowly meandering toward the pins...  It can take nearly half a minute for the ball to finally mosey up to the pins and casually bump into a few, sometimes rolling off the back of the lane, and sometimes coming to a stop there with the pins.  Thing 2 whooped and jumped for nearly every throw.  They all had a lot of fun and bowled quite well, of course taking into account we had the bumpers up to keep the balls out of the gutters.  It drastically improved my game as well, I actually broke 100!

Hubby gets home tomorrow, for a few hours, then he leaves Monday afternoon for a two day trip, then he'll be back for our week in Southern California.

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