Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back from Disney

We decided to take two days going home and stopping in Vegas overnight, instead of pulling a heinous all day drive.  Then we decided to do those two days Saturday and Sunday, instead of Friday and Saturday, giving us an extra day on the beach.  Which we didn't spend on the beach.  The weather backed off and isn't quite so exquisite, it's cloudy and cooler and windier.  Still in the high 50s, probably, but not the mid 70s like we had earlier.  
Friday the girls spent most of the day playing in their room.  They pulled out every stuffed animal they brought, including the new ones, and have been playing with them.  They glare at me and Hubby when we come in to change clothes or get something out of one of the bags, then ask us to leave so they can get back to their game.  When we offered to take them to the beach they turned us down.
I did drag, and I do mean drag, them to the outlet mall to buy some shoes.  There is a Stride Rite store there, they have better shoes at cheaper prices than anywhere else I can find.  The girls were completely unwilling, and I was ready to just let it go and not buy them tennis shoes this year.  They can wear their crocks all summer, fine.  Then Grandma started guilting them into it... saying in hushed tones "Hurry, or you'll make your mother angry again."  Apparently I am the evil shoe dictator who will unleash her wrath if you do not comply.
They picked out shoes, of course Thing 2, who enjoys shopping, got a pair of church shoes too.  Thing 1, who HATES shopping, was lucky to come away with a pair of tennis shoes only.
We came back, the grown ups napped while the girls went back in their room to play some more.
For dinner, Hubby and I finally celebrated Valentine's day finally, by going out to a little Mexican dive.  It was good food, though the atmosphere was a little unromantic.
Today we have no choice but to get up and start packing.  I took a quiet moment after I woke up to start blogging, but my quiet moment long passed and I'm doggedly typing with the world going on around me.
Hubby is letting the air out of the air mattress.  Time to get going. 

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