Friday, February 26, 2010

While we were out...

It should be noted that my sister took wonderful care of Kelso while we were in California.She reported that he even seemed to miss us after a few days.  Instead of just playing incessantly with her dogs, mostly the younger one, he started following her around.
She takes wonderful care of him, and sent me these pictures.  She took the three dogs on a walk, notice her younger boxer Willo - whose feet rarely touch the ground in photos.  If that dog were human, she'd be an olympian.  Kelso, on the other hand, is a lumbering puppy, and is usually lagging behind.
He must have had a head start in this picture to get ahead of my sister's older boxer.

My sister told me one day she caught Kelso making himself comfortable on her older dog's bed.  Ruger, her dog, is the dominant one of the three of them, but for some reason he didn't chase Kelso out of his bed.  It seemed so odd that he'd just let the big dufus (and I say that with sincere affection) stay there.  
The other odd thing is that I bought a bed like this, with the sides, for him after my sister had told me her dogs loved them.  When he had it, he refused to sleep in it. But seeing Ruger and Willo in their beds, suddenly it becomes Overwhelmingly Appealing!
Many thanks to my sister for taking such good care of him while we were gone. 

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