Monday, July 28, 2008


Thing 1 has been doing some creative writing. Well, mostly it’s creative spelling. She has been writing little notes and using them to communicate with people, other than Thing 2 who can’t read. Notes like “(Thing 1) needs a book” are easy to figure out, but sometimes she has trouble with spelling. Lately she’s been spelling “love” as “lav.” When I told her to erase the tail of the a and put an E on the end, it became “Lave.” She’s been leaving messages around “I lave you”
Hubby showed me one she wrote him. It’s my favorite. It says:

(Thing 1) needs a dreeingK

Gotta love that.

We celebrated Thing 2’s birthday on the 25th. She had a nice party, but started to cry when the adults took too long eating dinner and she got impatient to open her presents. If she would have had her way, we would have opened presents FIRST. Not just before Cake and Ice Cream, but Before Dinner!

Oh crap. I just went to upload a picture from her party, but there is just an empty file. I delete the pictures off the camera when I upload them, so it looks like I just erased all of her birthday party pictures without even seeing them... Dangnabbit!

Thing 1 and 2 have been very good to keep our present for Daddy for Christmas a secret. I thought Thing 1 was going to spill the beans the other day, when we were asking her what she wanted for her birthday she said she wanted a “Wall-e game for the Wii…” after a moment’s hesitation she said “but we don’t have a Wii… so I guess I don’t get that.”

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