Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tooth Fairy Booty

Thing 1 was enchanted with her tooth the rest of the day yesterday. I had her put it in a tiny cup, which she carried around with her. It sat next to her watching TV, and joined us for stories yesterday. In the evening she put it under her pillow four or five times last night, only to pull it out later to admire it and carry it around a little more. Thing 2 was so excited about it too, the two of them crawled up to Thing 1’s bed several times to look at the tiny tooth under the pillow, and Thing 2 gushed how when she was six maybe she would lose a tooth.

The tooth fairy left four quarters under Thing 1’s pillow last night, but apparently she only found three, I think. I did hear some rather animated discussion this morning, Thing 2 was assuring Thing 1 that she should share her tooth bounty. Thing 1 agreed readily enough, so I’m not sure if the three quarter count was before or after Thing 2 took her cut. I was going to argue with including Thing 2 in Thing 1’s tooth bounty, but part of me says it’s not my business to question Thing 1’s generous nature. Maybe I should argue with Thing 2’s tendency to include herself in any distribution out of money. I plan on suggesting to her that she give Thing 1 a cut for her own tooth bounty, but as they remind me fairly frequently, “you’ll forget, mommy.”

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