Sunday, July 27, 2008

A day at the Beach

When I type on the computer, I usually sit at the kitchen table at the spot where Thing 1 usually sits to eat. They came in and said they’re hungry for breakfast and Thing 1 gathered her cereal and bowl, then came over and with a very sincere smile on her face said “Thank you for warming up my seat.” I suspected she was just politely asking me to leave, but when I asked her she said no, she was just glad I’d warmed her seat for her, then she launched into a hug fest.

I took the girls to Lagoona beach on Thursday and had a rather magical experience. Just the three of us, in the crowd, floating down the “lazy river” was wonderful. It was a bright sunshiny day, and these darling girls were playing back and forth across the tubes and splashing and having a ball. One of the treasured moments of my life…

Of course I was in the water and don't have any pictres, but we have had a lot of fun on the rest of the rides too.

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