Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Father's Day

Father’s day.

Thing 1 spoke in Primary and did a fabulous job. She and I, well, I mostly, wrote the talk this morning, with her help. She drew four pictures to go with it. The nice part was Hubby was in town and was able to be there for it, then we had the presentation of the decorated ties, and he came to Sacrament with us, of course wearing his two sparkly dolled-up ties.

Both girls had a good day.
It is 12:25 a.m., and I am sort of staying up out of solidarity for Hubby, who has a 6:00 am flight tomorrow to Baltimore and is still working on stuff for his presentation. I try to support whatever he needs to do… But I do resent being barked at when he gets stressed. I don’t know quite how to handle it, it is just easier to leave him alone, take orders quietly and then get the hell out of his way. I don’t much like it, and I don’t know how I’m going to explain the process to the girls someday, but I am glad I don’t work for him. I don’t know if people successfully told him to just can it, or redirect his stress-temper somewhere else. He can get pretty biting when he is under pressure.

Well, and he did need a good massage, and if there’s ever a day he should deserve one, it’s Father’s Day. And he did spend his whole morning sitting unproductively in church for me and the girls. So now he’s paying for it by staying up all night getting ready for the conference tomorrow.

I got the girls registered for swim lessons starting next week. I’m pretty excited, and I think Thing 1 has realized she needs to know after her bobbing under the surface incident in Vegas… but I don’t think Thing 2 is at all interested. I’m very interested in starting the process toward them both being comfortable in the water, though. I’ve got them in the same class because they’re both beginners. They’ll wrap up the day before we go to Alaska, and I’ll try and get them registered for the next session.

Okay. I’m going to bed.

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