Monday, December 7, 2009

Eee's a mean wabbit

The dog has ramped up his chewing.  He's started gnawing at things he's completely left alone for the last month and a half.
He's created some more serious casualties.  Today it was the girl's pencil box, that we have by the kitchen table for easy pencil access for homework.  Somehow he pulled it off the shelf, shredded half a dozen pencils, left bite marks on some others.  The girls were quite upset.   Yeah, well, it was a bunch of pencils.  No big deal.

The big deal was yesterday.  I was blissfully taking a nap when the shock, the horror was discovered.  It was Thing 2's FAVORITE Littlest Pet Shop creature.  Mind you, no matter which one would have been chewed, I'm pretty sure it would have been her favorite.

The picture can't do it justice - what used to be a benevolent fluffy creature is now scarred, damaged, and somehow evil in a way that I can't understand.  That once sweet gleam in his eye is now sinister.  The scratches on his face and the broken end off his ear are not a source of pity, they are horrifying and repugnant.  His turned up nose is now concealing bared teeth.   Oh, the humanity!
Could we buy another one?  I told her probably not, these things are seasonal and they make them for a while, then discontinue them.

Thing 2 marched into the kitchen and flung the zombie rabbit in the garbage, yelling her anger at the dog as she stormed past. 

A few minutes later her eyes lit up and she announced that she could ask Santa, who would just have his elves make a new one, and he could put it in her stocking.  She was content.

Santa found one on ebay for $5.95 including shipping, which is probably about what it cost originally.

Santa Claus is real, and he shops on ebay.

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