Friday, March 24, 2006


Thing 2’s vocabulary has always been advanced. When I took her in for her 18 month appointment one of the questions they asked, along with things like can she stack blocks and walk backwards or whatever, was “Does she have 10 words she can say or understand?” I was kind of shocked. Yes. More than ten. A lot more than ten. So I went home that day and counted. I stopped counting at 70. I wrote them down, and think I put the list with her babybook, but kept adding to it in my babywritings. So that is gone now. But even at two years old she was talking almost completely understandably. I think they asked me if she was using three word sentences at her 2 year appointment. I hadn’t counted how many words she used in her sentences because she was speaking in complete paragraphs. I think I counted a seven word sentence around that time.

Oh… I wish I could remember… I’ve already forgotten so many things.

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