Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Start from scratch

So now I attempt to recreate it.

I guess that the going back parts will come. But I was having trouble keeping up with what was going on now. I’ll have to try and make time to write down what I remember, and what is sparked in my very sluggish brain with the information I get from the ‘baby missives’ I sent that a friend of my saved.
Tonight Thing 1 gave me a kitty lesson. She’s been doing this for a while and she did it tonight and I remembered I wrote about it before…
Anyway, she tells me her details, all in a rush, and she gets very frustrated if I don’t sit and listen patiently through the entire thing. She announces she is going to give me a kitty lesson and then launches into it. The typical kitty lesson goes something like this:
“I’m your nice kitty and I’m purple with rainbow spots and I have a rainbow tail with a bow and I have triangle ears and whiskers and there are babies on my back and I am very nice.”
Then I have to hold still while she “puts the lesson in my pocket.” And then she’s done.

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