Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pooh Bear

We rented a Winnie the Pooh movie from the library. Thing 1 and 2 have been watching it this evening and suddenly started playing Winnie The Pooh. Thing 1 pulled the great big stuffed Pooh bear down from upstairs and is walking him around holding onto his ears. She marched him up to me and asked “Are you Kristin the Robin Hood?” I laughed and said no. She marched him back in front of the TV again and watched for another minute, then came back out asking where she could find Christopher Robin Hood. At least she stopped calling him Kristin... I don’t know where she got the Hood attached to Robin, I don’t think we’ve talked about Robin Hood that much… It’s just awfully cute.

We replaced the Gamecube that was stolen and bought a Mario Kart game to play on it that we didn’t have before. Thing 1 is actually not too bad at that… but her vocabulary is pretty funny about it. I suspect she’s picked some of the things she said from me, but it’s odd to hear it coming out of her mouth when she cries “I NAILED him!”

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