Friday, May 11, 2012

Let there be lights

The bathroom lights.  FINALLY!

My friend who had helped me pick out paint colors and such came by today, and assured me that they're lovely.  The reason, she said, that they're not wowing me is because they aren't the pendants that I had pictured in my head.  But if I didn't have that picture stuck in my head, I'd like the lights more.  But even these lights I think they should be further apart.  And you can see if they were pendants, they'd be hitting you in the head.  Why would the contractor put the light holes there?!?!

She assured me the lines on the lights match the cabinet pulls, and the other stuff in the bathroom.
I know she's right, and they are nice, but they're still not what I had pictured in my head.

 The doors for the bedroom closet finally came today!  The whole drama of the closet is done!  Except now I get to put in all the components.  I started, but had to stop to make dinner.  Darned those kids and their tiny stomachs!

 You can see where the IKEA cabinet stops, and where my clever cabinet maker took it to the ceiling, and added the top part for the door to close on.  He cut the piece down so that little cloth drawer thing will fit in right at the top.  You wouldn't know they weren't built in!  Turns out I didn't save a ton of money, what with the custom doors.  But I saved some.  And now since it's all IKEA component-like, I can figure out what I want in it.  The left side has to be open at the bottom, you can just see the little panel there on the left- that's the access to the water main. 
All that's left is a chandelier for above the bed there!
 Oh, and putting everything away.  I half filled Hubby's bay in the garage with cardboard boxes this week.  When he comes home tonight he'll have to park in the driveway.  But progress comes with sacrifice!

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