Monday, May 7, 2012

I'd love to post, but my dishwasher is broken

Apparently now I need to go wash a load of dishes from the dishwasher in the sink, because my dishwasher won't start.
I'm busy tomorrow so the repairman can't come til Wednesday, so I get to do this for a couple of days.
The online repair scheduler tried to talk me into a service agreement that costs $230.  Is it a good deal? Maybe.  But I hate it when they try to upsell you.  Which he continued to do after I indicated I just want the $75 service call option, and not the whole $230 agreement.  No I don't need the range, serviced.  No I don't need any help with other appliances. No I don't need help with the remodel.  Or the garage door.  Just the dishwasher, really. 

See how good I am at procrastination?  I am still not washing the dishes. I am typing.  I really want to go read the book I started while waiting at the car dealership this morning while they changed my snow tires to my regular tires... but I must be an adult, even if just for a while, and will now go wash dishes.

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