Monday, February 6, 2012

What is the good angle of a bathroom, anyway?

The cabinet is getting installed today.
I've gone back and forth with the granite guy, they need six pages of signed forms and agreements, and then a separate contract, with diagrams of where the faucet will go, model numbers for the sink basin and faucet, and assurances that anything not already specified in said contract will be an additional cost.  He's having trouble attaching files to an email, so he sends faxes, which I receive as an email.  I don't fax because of our phone line being a cell phone line, so I print everything out, sign it, and then had to learn how to make my new Christmas gift printer send scans back to the computer.  It's been a really busy day in which I actually accomplished nearly nothing.  But there's a cadre of workmen in my basement, hopefully accomplishing a lot.  Not the granite, mind you... this is all prep for the granite.

When it's all done, I hope to have some photos like you would put in a magazine.  In the mean time, I have shots like this:

 Hopefully the glamor shots will come later.

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